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Police chiefs call on federal government to decriminalize possession of illicit drugs for personal use (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
COVID-19 DTES CHEQUE DAY As Canada continues to battle an opioid epidemic, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is calling on federal lawmakers to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of illegal drugs for personal consumption.
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Eliminating COVID-19 cases in Canada will exact too heavy a toll on society, health experts say (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
COVID-19 REOPENING Some public health and infectious disease experts are pressing for governments in Canada to shift to minimizing, not eradicating, COVID-19 while allowing society to resume functioning.
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Inuit TV could be coming to screen near you, from new Inuktut-language broadcaster (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
hi-alethea-arnaquq-baril1 Nunavut may be getting a new all-Inuktut TV channel this year. Inuit TV, which was announced on Nunavut Day, plans to have Inuktut programming in dialects from all Inuit regions, including Greenland.
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PM's mother Margaret and brother Alexandre were both paid to speak at WE Charity events (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
Britain WE Day Arrivals Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mother Margaret and his brother Alexandre have both been paid tens of thousands of dollars to appear at WE Charity events.
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Families left in months-long limbo as COVID-19 halts immigration applications (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
SPOUSAL SPONSORSHIP IMMIGRATION COVID Thousands of Canadians and their families have been left in limbo since the pandemic hit in March with no word from the federal government about when their family members’ immigration applications will be processed, an immigration lawyer and families say.
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With the pandemic pinching the unregulated market, legal cannabis sales spike in N.L. (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
Thomas H. Clarke's Distribution With the pandemic pinching off the supply of illegal and illicit drugs, the sale of legalized cannabis products in Newfoundland and Labrador appears to be filling the gap.
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Volunteer placements on pause as Liberals try to restart troubled student grant program (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
Students Loans 20200118 Students hoping to get paid for work with non-profits are now stuck in limbo as the federal government tries to resuscitate the Canada Student Service Grant program after WE Charity left its administration role.
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Regina man worried he'll lose late wife's dream home because developer didn't pay subcontractors (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
Jason Merkl's home Now the dream home Jason Merkl is building in memory of his late wife, with money he received from her death benefits, is tied up in a series of legal disputes because his homebuilder didn’t pay some subcontractors.
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Vigilante justice or community safety? Protesters target Albertans on bail accused of crimes against children (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
Wade Stene Over the last few weeks, Albertan protesters have targeted men on bail accused of crimes against children. They say the criminal justice system is broken, but others warn it's vigilantism, and it’s dangerous.
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Victim waits for Jamie Bacon to plead guilty today to role in Surrey Six slayings (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
Surrey Six 20141212 The mother of one of six people killed in B.C.’s most notorious gangland slaying says she may be in court to watch but she’ll get no satisfaction from seeing the gangster plead guilty to one count of conspiring to commit murder in relation to the 2007 Surrey Six killings Thursday.
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Why the Conservatives are going after the Liberals' pre-pandemic spending now (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
Fiscal Update 20191216 Nobody seems to be arguing that the Trudeau government spent too much, or too quickly, on its pandemic response. But the government's critics can be expected to make an issue of its pre-pandemic deficit spending — a point on which it is particularly vulnerable.
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Female Mountie keeps her job after groping a fellow B.C. officer twice (Wed, 08 Jul 2020)
const. francis deschenes funeral A B.C. Mountie who fondled the genitals of one of her fellow constables, groped his thigh and made inappropriate sexual comments to him has lost 20 days of pay and 10 vacation days.
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How one video game community is trying to 'police itself' amid sexual assault allegations (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
450416686 The esports world is grappling with how to protect competitors — many of whom are barely in their teens — and respond to serious allegations against members. One game community has come up with its own "conduct panel" to adjudicate complaints.
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How risky is my manicure? Your COVID-19 questions answered (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
Manicure COVID-19 We're answering your questions about the pandemic. Send yours to and we’ll answer as many as we can. We’ll publish a selection of answers every weekday online and also put some questions to the experts during The National and on CBC News Network
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Canadian barley exports surging on booming demand from China for beer (Thu, 09 Jul 2020)
AUSTRALIA BARLEY Canadian barley farmers are the unintended beneficiaries of a diplomatic spat a world away, as exports of their product to the Chinese market are picking up.
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