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Alberta BMO customer on the hook after almost $10K disappeared from her account (Mon, 04 Dec 2023)
A woman wearing a tank top has a neutral expression on her face. An Alberta woman who says her line of credit was drained and then transferred out of her bank account without her permission has been fighting for three months to have the amount reimbursed by the Bank of Montreal. 
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Convicting alleged gun trafficker of manslaughter in police shootings may prove difficult, experts say (Mon, 04 Dec 2023)
Composite image showing two men in black police uniforms. Manslaughter charges against a man accused of selling a gun to a 16-year-old boy who killed himself after fatally shooting two Edmonton police officers is an unusual case that might be difficult to prove, legal experts say.
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Stricter oilpatch methane rules unveiled by federal government (Mon, 04 Dec 2023)
At an oil production site, a flame is shown at the top of a flaring pipe. The proposed regulations are similar to those announced in recent days by the United States and are designed to help Canada reach and exceed its 2030 target of slashing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by at least 75 per cent below 2012 levels.
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Northern Alberta residents waiting for promised homes as housing crisis worsens (Sun, 03 Dec 2023)
A middle-aged woman in a white cardigan and black pants pointing to a blown up image of her beat up house Leaders from a northern Alberta community are calling on the region's municipality to speed up permit approvals to build new homes and address the housing crisis. 
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Police watchdog to investigate after man fatally shot in downtown Edmonton (Mon, 04 Dec 2023)
A grey building with a large sign that reads "police" in bright blue letters. Alberta’s police watchdog is investigating after a man was fatally shot by a police officer Sunday in downtown Edmonton.
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Make the Season Kind: In support of Edmonton's Food Bank (Mon, 22 Nov 2021)
banner poster for CBC Edmonton's annual holiday campaign in support of Edmonton's Food Bank, Make the Season Kind. Dec. 12-19. Since 1995, CBC Edmonton has raised more than $9 million for Edmonton's Food Bank.
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11,000-year-old bison remains now kept at Blackfoot Crossing (Mon, 04 Dec 2023)
The Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park said markings likely made by an ancient axe are likely evidence a prehistoric bison hunt and early human activity in Alberta. The skull of the animal could contain the earliest known evidence of human presence in Alberta.
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All eyes on housing crisis as government, opposition duel over who's to blame and how to fix it (Sun, 03 Dec 2023)
Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is pictured in Vancouver at a housing announcement. A new 15-minute video released by Pierre Poilievre once again highlights the intense political battle over housing policy in Canada.
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Researcher studying why jackrabbits thrive in Edmonton (Sun, 03 Dec 2023)
A brown white-tailed jackrabbit looks off while siting in a grassy area in Edmonton. A researcher from the King’s University in Edmonton is looking to see why white-tailed jackrabbit populations are booming despite seeing a sharp decline elsewhere. University researcher to study Edmonton's massive bunny boom
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How 'forced financing' makes some car dealerships more money (Sun, 03 Dec 2023)
Shari Prymak is the executive director of Car Help Canada. Some car dealerships in Canada are only selling some vehicles to customers who finance the purchase, and those who choose not to say they’re getting shown the door.
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