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Hôtel St-Denis

This is our favourite place to stay in Montreal.  Just steps from St Catherine Street and our FAV place to eat is next door ... although there are MANY fine restaurants that we have enjoyed ... all within walking distance!


Hotel St-Denis, then known as Hotel Pensylvania, opened on July 3rd, 1929. The opening was celebrated with a grand evening buffet during which the mayor at the time, M. Houde, sang " À la claire fontaine" . The owner, then M. Irwin N. Rollman,  gave his guests an automatic golf shot calculator. The hotel was well-received in the lively francophone neighbourhood for its modern installations and numerous (100!) rooms.

The vaulted basement of he hotel was once a famed bar by the name La cave des moines. It hosted several wild nights as well as union meetings in the 1970s.

BEST Italian Food we have ever tasted ... same owner's for 40 years ... Eduardo still eats there and he was the most charming man when we recently met him! And did I mention you can bring your own wine with NO corkage fees!!

Restaurant Pho Do Thi

OK ... you see a hole in the wall restaurant ... so did we!  But it was very cold out (tends to get that way in February in Montreal) and we were hungry and this place was next door to our hotel ... and there was a sign on the window that said we could bring our own wine in ... that sealed the deal!


Well, that was the first time we ate there and we stop in every time we visit Montreal.  The food is incredible ... with the best noodles we have ever tasted!  It's a 4 hour drive for us each way but the thought of eating there makes it worthwhile!


1238 St Denis, Montreal ...

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